Amik Aviation provides regular passenger and cargo services to Little Grand Rapids, Pauingassi, Bloodvein First Nations, Berens River, and Poplar River. Enjoy additional charter services to virtually anywhere in Manitoba and Ontario.

Servicing remote Manitoba Aboriginal communities Little Grand Rapids, Pauingassi, Bloodvein, Berens River, and Poplar River.

"Fly with Amik Aviation, Fly the True North Sky!"

little grand rapids first nation

Located in east central Manitoba along the Berens River, near the Ontario boarder, Little Grand Rapids is accessed by plane or by a winter road.  It is approximately 280 kilometers or 173 miles north-northeast from Winnipeg, Manitoba.


With no permanent access road to the Pauingassi First Nation, Amik Aviation uses a 3000 foot airstrip approximately 24 kilometers south of Pauingassi at Little Grand Rapids. Amik Aviation has access to the community via float plane during the summer and uses Little Grand Rapids Airport during the winter to access the community.


Located on the east side of Lake Winnipeg, along the Bloodvein River. The community is still inhabited by descendants of the Saulteaux-Ojibwa people, who continue the traditional aboriginal way of life of hunting, trapping, fishing and wild rice harvesting.

Berens River First Nation

Berens River is located in Manitoba, Canada, along the eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg. The community is south of Poplar River and North of Bloodvein. According to new census done in 2018, Berens River has approximately 3400 people in the surrounding areas. Amik Aviation uses the Berens River Airport to access the community. 

Poplar River FIRst Nation

Located on the east side of Lake Winnipeg, along the Poplar River. The community is located in the Boreal Forest range of Canada, and remains one of the last pristine river areas in the world, particularly in Southern Canada. 

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