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Our Mission

Amik Aviation is committed to providing a safe, reliable flying experience to Northern remote communities in Manitoba, by connecting with Aboriginal identities and corporate cultures, to ensure friendly customer service and profitability.

Humble Beginnings

Oliver Owen has loved airplanes from the time he was a young boy. Growing up in a remote First Nations community where he would watch float planes fly in, he would assist the pilots by doing little things, such as holding onto the rope, or keeping the floatplane flush to the dock until it was tied down. It's a story of perseverance.

Let Us Fly You There

Operating out of St. Andrews Airport, Amik Aviation provides daily passenger service to remote First Nations communities including Bloodvein, Berens River, Poplar River, Pauingassi and Little Grand Rapids, east of Lake Winnipeg. Now serving some communities in Northern Ontario.

Locations We Serve

We currently serve the communities of Little Grand Rapids First Nation, Pauingassi First Nation, Berens River First Nation, Poplar River First Nation and Bloodvein First Nation, which are all located on the east side of Lake Winnipeg and only accessible by air during the Spring, Summer and Fall.

"Amik shows how building and maintaining a community depends on the gifts given to each community member by the Creator and, importantly, how the health and prosperity of the community depends on how these gifts are put to use."
Law of wisdom, seven sacred teachings



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